Daigo Oishi

Daigo Oishi Hanshi began training in Kyokushin Karate in 1969 at the age of 19.
In 1971, he participated in the 3rd All Japan Open Karatedo Championship and
finished in 3rd place.  He continued his competitive career and in 1974 participated
in the 6th All Japan Open Karatedo Championship where, despite having an injury,
he set a record of ippon wins in 4 matches in a row, finishing in 6th place  In
1975, Mas Oyama held the 1st Open World Karatedo Championships where some
of the world’s best competed. Hanshi was selected to represent the Japan team and
was one of eight competitors selected for Japan. After 3 days of competition he
finished 4th in a field of 128 competitors, representing 32 countries, many who
were much larger opponents.

In 1976, he was appointed by Mas Oyama as the Branch Chief of the
Kyokushinkaikan Yamanashi Branch, and later 1977 he established the Shizuoka
Branch.  Since then, he continues to spread and develop Kyokushin Karate pure to
its origins, and practices leadership by example.  In 1998, he completed 70-man
Kumite. Many Kyokushin practitioners from around the world travel to Japan to
receive training from Daigo Oishi Hanshi. In November 2012, he withdrew from
the All Japan Kyokushin Federation and established the International Karatedo
Federation Kyokushin Kaikan Sekai Sokyokushin.