Sekai So-Kyokushin

After the death of Masutatsu (Sosai) Oyama in 1994, the founder of Kyokushin
Karate, the Kyokushinkaikan Karate Organization split into various groups.  As a
result of this division into various factions, the number of Kyokushin Karate
organizations and dojos increased rapidly throughout the world. Many of these
organizations began to modify the teachings of Sosai as it benefited them. It
became clear that with so many organizations changing basic techniques, katas and
kumite rules (as it applies to the sport version), Kyokushin Karate was moving
further and further away from what Sosai taught.

To preserve the legacy of Sosai and his teachings, under the leadership of Daigo
Oishi Hanshi, the International Karatedo Federation Kyokushin Kaikan Sekai So-
Kyokushin was established. The “So” in Sekai So-Kyokushin means “total” which
reflects the commitment to teach and practice all aspects of Kyokushin Karate
including grappling, self-defense, and a more realistic application of techniques.
So-Kyokushin is focused on ensuring that Kyokushin Karate remains true to the
original teachings which Hanshi received directly from Sosai. Hanshi’s strong will
is contagious and spreads throughout the So-Kyokushin world to ensure that future
generations of Kyokushin practitioners carry on the value to Sosai’s teachings.

In July 2023, Central Florida Kyokushin requested and was admitted as a member
of the International Karatedo Federation Kyokushin Kaikan Sekai So-Kyokushin
with the recommendation of Tom Flynn Shihan of Green Mountain Kyokushin